get on top of (one)

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get on top of (one)

To overwhelm one to a point of despair or powerlessness. If you don't do your homework now, it will get on top of you later. I don't know what I'm going to do—the credit card bills have just gotten on top of me.
See also: get, of, on, top
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get on top of you

If something gets on top of you, it makes you feel sad or upset, and you are not able to deal with it. I was so fed up. Everything was just getting on top of me. Things have been getting on top of me lately. Business hasn't been good, they're talking of firing some of us.
See also: get, of, on, top
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get on ˈtop of somebody

(of a problem, too much work, etc.) make somebody feel very worried or depressed: She’s letting things get on top of her at work.
See also: get, of, on, somebody, top
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