get off (one's) ass

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get off (one's) ass

1. rude slang To start doing something, especially after a period of unproductivity or laziness. Grandma will be here in 30 minutes, so get off your ass and move this junk out of the living room! Ted needs to get off his ass for a change and make an effort around here.
2. rude slang To stop bothering someone about something. Often used as an imperative. Would you get off my ass? I'm not going to the interview, and that's final! My uncle has finally gotten off my ass about helping him out at the hardware store, thank goodness.
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get off one's ass

 and get off one's rear; get off one's butt
Sl. to get up and get busy; to stop loafing and get to work. (Caution with ass. Butt is also offensive to some people.) Get off your ass and get busy! It's time you got off your butt and started to work.
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Get off my ass!

and Get off my tail! and Get off my back!
exclam. Leave me alone!; Stop following me!; Stop dogging me! (Usually objectionable.) Stop pestering me! Get off my ass! Get off my back! Go bug somebody else.
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