get off on (something)

get off on (something)

1. slang To be or become particularly excited by or enthusiastic about something, especially in, or likened to, a sexual manner. It seems like Kaya gets off on the power of her new corporate management role. I don't know why you get off on going to the gym every day—it just seems like a chore to me!
2. slang To become high from taking a particular drug. I guess I don't inhale well because I never seem to get off on pot.
See also: get, off, on

get off on

1. Feel the effects of or take a mind-altering drug. For example, He was getting off on crack. [Slang; 1930s]
2. Enjoy, derive intense pleasure from, as in I really get off on good jazz. [Slang; c. 1970]
See also: get, off, on

get off (on something)

1. in. to get pleasure from something; to become sexually aroused by something. I don’t get off on music anymore.
2. in. to take a drug and experience a rush. (Drugs.) Max likes to get off, but he’s got his business to run.
3. in. to do well on something. Wayne is getting off on history, much to everyone’s surprise.
See also: get, off, on, something