get (something) into (one's) head

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get (something) into (one's) head

To believe that something is true. Get it into your head: I'm in charge until Mom gets home, so you have to listen to me. A: "Why is Johnny holding his breath?" B: "Well, he's gotten it into his head that holding his breath will make him taller."
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get into one's head

Also, get or take it into one's head . Form an impression, idea, or plan. For example, What strange idea has she got into her head? or He took it into his head that you want to quit. [Late 1600s] Also see get through one's head.
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get into someone's head

If you get into someone's head, you understand what they are really thinking or feeling. The author has really tried to get into the heads of these criminals.
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get something into your/somebody’s (thick) ˈhead

(informal) succeed in understanding or in making somebody understand something fully: When are you going to get it into your thick head that you don’t need to worry about money? You’re rich now.I’m still trying to get it into my head that I’m free to do what I want now.
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get/take it into your ˈhead that...

(informal) think or believe something, often wrongly: Somehow she’s taken it into her head that her husband is trying to poison her.
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