get into trouble

get in(to) trouble

1. To be subject to punishment for a particular offense or wrongdoing. I got trouble with my parents for sneaking out last night. Jed's gotten in trouble with the law again.
2. To encounter a problematic situation or state of hardship. I've gotten in trouble, Dave. Is there any way you could lend me some money? She'll get in trouble if she doesn't see the obstacles up ahead.
3. euphemism To become pregnant, particularly of one who is young and unmarried. Is it true that Molly's gotten into trouble? I knew that boyfriend of hers was bad news! You need to tell your parents you've gotten in trouble. I mean, it's not going to take them nine months to figure it out.
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get into trouble

1. To get into a bad or dangerous situation. I think we might get into trouble if we try driving the car on that rickety bridge. If you ever get into trouble out in the water, wave both your arms so the lifeguard can see you.
2. To be reprimanded for something. I am definitely going to get into trouble with my mom if she finds out that I broke the vase. If I'm not home by curfew, I will get into trouble with my parents.
3. To get a woman pregnant outside of marriage. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "get" and "into." You're just 16 years old—if you aren't ready to raise a baby, then you better not do anything to get a girl into trouble.
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get someone into trouble

make (an unmarried woman) pregnant. dated euphemistic
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get somebody into ˈtrouble

(old-fashioned) make a woman who is not married pregnant
See also: get, somebody, trouble
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