get into

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get in(to)

1. To use, access, or interfere with something, usually without permission to do so. A: "It seems the cats got into their treats while we were at work today." B: "Yep, I just found the empty bag completely torn in half."
2. To enter some place or thing. When did you get in? I didn't even hear the door open. Oh, I got into the office early today. Get in the car—I'll tell you what happened on the way.
3. To cause someone to be able to enter something. This code will get you into the bathroom.
4. To be granted admission to a particular school or program. I can't believe I got in to Harvard!
5. To become interested in something. My daughter has gotten into sports all of sudden and really wants to take tennis lessons. Ugh, I just can't get into that show—the acting is terrible.
6. To work in a particular area or industry. I used to be a lawyer, but I've gotten into nonprofit work these days.
7. To dress oneself in a particular article of clothing. I'm having a hard time getting into this dress—can you zip it for me?
8. To cause someone or something to act in a surprising or unusual way. Wow, what has gotten into you? I can't believe you're just not going to work today.
9. To enter a particular state or condition. We need to get the whole house in order before grandma gets here. I got in trouble for talking during class.
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get into something

1. to tamper with something; to open something and disturb the contents. Who got into my desk? Someone has been getting into my work after the office closes.
2. to put oneself into clothing. As soon as I get into this coat, I will help you load the car. Let me get into my boots, and then I'll be with you.
3. to enter something or some place. I got into the theater just before the rainstarted. Let's get into the car and go.
4. Sl. to become involved in something; to develop an interest in something. I can really get into sailing, I think. No matter how hard I try, I can't get into basketball.
5. to enter a particular type of business; to deal in a particular product in business. Yes, I used to work for the government, but now have gotten into private industry.
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get into

1. Become involved in, as in He got into trouble by stealing cars, or I don't want to get into the long history of this problem. [Early 1700s]
2. Put on clothes, as in Wait till I get into my suit. [Late 1600s]
3. Take possession of one, cause to act differently or inappropriately, as in You're leaving it to the animal shelter? What has got into you? or I don't know what gets into you children. [Late 1800s]
4. See be into. Also see subsequent entries beginning with get into.
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get into

1. To attain some condition: The kids got into trouble for being late. I got into good physical shape by running every day.
2. To cause someone or something to enter or be admitted to some place: This round key will get you into the house. My good grades got me into a good school.
3. To put something into some condition: We need to get your papers into proper order.
4. Slang To become interested in or enthusiastic about something: They got into gourmet cooking.
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