get in the act

get in(to) the act

To join or engage in some activity that others are participating in. Even the well-behaved students started to get in the act and cheer along with the others. The use of slang and memes on social media was once done primarily by younger users, but now companies and brands are getting into the act in an attempt to engage with a broader audience.
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get in(to) the act

Fig. to participate in something; to try to be part of whatever is going on. (As if someone were trying to get on stage and participate in a performance.) Everybody wants to get into the act! There is not room here for everyone. I want to get in the act.
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get into/in the act, to

To thrust oneself into another’s conversation, performance, undertaking, or the like. The term comes from the theater and is analogous to another theatrical cliché, steal someone’s thunder. The American comedian Jimmy Durante popularized it from the 1930s on with his frequent complaint that “Everybody wants to get into the act” (cited by Eric Partridge in his compendium of catchphrases). It no doubt originated years earlier in vaudeville.
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