get in (one's) hair

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get in (one's) hair

To annoy one, often by being in the way. The kids are totally getting in my hair today, so I need you to watch them for a little bit. Don't get in my hair today because I don't have the patience for it!
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get in somebody’s ˈhair

annoy somebody by preventing them from doing something: I can do the housework much more quickly when the children aren’t getting in my hair all the time.
See also: get, hair
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get in/into one's hair, to

To annoy someone more or less persistently. The allusion here may well be to head lice but is not known for certain. Presumably it was already in common use by the time Mark Twain wrote, “You’ll have one of these . . . old professors in your hair” (A Tramp Abroad, 1880).
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