get in(to) gear

get in(to) gear

To prepare to do something or to start taking action, especially after having delayed doing so. I know you said you would take out the trash, but get into gear and do it already! I really need to get in gear and finish writing this paper—it's due tomorrow!
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get into gear


get in gear

COMMON If someone or something gets into gear or gets in gear, they start to deal effectively with something or start to operate effectively. Note: The image in the following idioms is of driving a car. The town itself has got into gear with a campaign to improve the environment. The business was just getting in gear when the recession started. Note: Other verbs such as move can be used instead of get. Even as the publicity machine moves into gear, Mbongeni is setting up another project. Note: You can say that you are in gear when you are already dealing with something effectively. After a difficult few months getting used to working again, I'm pretty much in gear now. Note: You can also get someone or something else into gear. Ultimately, he does help her to get her life into gear again.
See also: gear, get
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get into ˈgear


get something into ˈgear

start working, or start something working, in an efficient way: Sorry, I can’t seem to get my brain into gear this morning.
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