get hold of

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get hold of (one)

1. Literally, to grab and hold onto one with the hands. The police officer got hold of suspect before he could run away. My sister got hold of me at our mother's funeral to keep herself from breaking down in tears.
2. To successfully make contact and communicate with one. I wasn't able to get hold of my brother at the weekend, I hope he's OK.
3. To gain total control, influence, or power over one. Well, once major corporations get hold of a politician, it's easy to predict where that senator's or congressperson's interests will lie. Addiction seems to have completely gotten hold of John.
4. To capture one's attention, interest, or imagination. Her latest novel got hold of me and didn't let go until I'd read it cover to cover.
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get hold of (oneself)

To regain control of one's emotions and/or behavior. Get hold of yourself and stop arguing over minor details! We're nearly finished negotiating this thing. I was afraid Stu wasn't going to be able to get hold of himself after that outburst.
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get hold of

Grasp, obtain; also, get in touch with. For example, If you can just get hold of one end, I'll get the other, or Jane had no luck getting hold of the book she needed, or I've phoned a dozen times but I can't seem to get hold of him. [c. 1300] Also see lay hold of.
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catch/get/grab/take (a) ˈhold of somebody/something

have or take somebody/something in your hands: He caught hold of her wrists so she couldn’t get away.Lee got hold of the dog by its collar.Quick, grab a hold of that rope.

get ˈhold of somebody/something

obtain something; reach or contact somebody: Do you know where I can get hold of a telephone directory for Paris?I spent all morning on the phone trying to get hold of the manager.
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get hold of

1. To come into possession of; find: Where can I get hold of a copy?
2. To communicate with, as by telephone: tried to get hold of you but the line was busy.
3. To gain control of. Often used reflexively: You must get hold of yourself!
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