get (one's) (own) way

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get (one's) (own) way

To get or have what one wants; to have things done according to one's personal preference or desires. If Tommy doesn't get his way, he'll start having a tantrum that could last all night. Samantha always has to get her own way when it comes to dividing responsibilities for group assignments.
See also: get, way

get one's way

Also, get or have one's own way . Be allowed to or make others do as one wishes. For example, Two-year-olds often scream until they get their own way, or All right, I give in-have it your own way. [Late 1500s]
See also: get, way

get/have your (own) ˈway

(also have it/things/everything (all) your (own) ˈway) get, believe or do what you want, usually in spite of the wishes or feelings of others: She always gets her own way in the end.All right, have it your own way — I’m tired of arguing.
See also: get, have, way
References in classic literature ?
Then came Raffles with soap and water, and the gyve was wheedled from one wrist, as you withdraw a ring for which the finger has grown too large.