get from

get (something) from (someone or something)

1. To receive or obtain something from someone or something. I didn't get anything from Heather, not even a birthday card. Thanks, I got this bag from Macy's.
2. To develop an illness after being exposed to someone who is ill. I think I got this cold from Amelia, she was sick all last week.
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get something from someone or something

1. to receive something from someone or something. I got this belt from my aunt for my birthday. I got a letter from the bank about the loan we applied for.
2. to contract a disease from someone or something. I got chicken pox from my son. I probably got my cold from walking in the rain.
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In his introduction, Savage writes: "[W]ithout gay role models to mentor and support them, without the examples our lives represent, [youth] couldn't see how they might get from bullied gay teenager to safe and happy gay adult" (3).