get free of

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get free of (someone or something)

1. To no longer be burdened or confined by someone or something. I wish I could get free of this legal responsibility. She said she wants to get free of her manager and start taking control over her own career.
2. To rid someone or something of someone or something else. In this usage, noun or pronoun is used between "get" and "free." The service aims to get people free of their student loan debts. We need to get the new software free of bugs before we release it to the public.
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get free of someone or something

 and get free from someone or something 
1. to rid oneself of the burden of someone or something. Can't I get free of this problem? I can't seem to get free of Randy.
2. to liberate oneself from someone or something. I tried to get free of Mr. Franklin, but he kept talking and wouldn't let me interrupt. Is there any way that somebody can get free of Tom? I couldn't get free of the nail that had snagged my sleeve.
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