get free

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get someone or something free (from someone or something)

to liberate someone or something from someone or something. We finally got cousin George free from the talkative old man. We managed to get the animal's paw free from the trap.
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Companies such as ESB will then get free carbon credits from the Government for the next four years - netting them EUR1.
MSPs who get free NHS prescriptions sparked fury yesterday by leading calls to keep the pounds 6.
Mrs Milne is one of 31 MSPs who get free prescriptions, according to a dossier leaked to the Scottish Daily Mirror.
He said: "There are 31 MSPs at Holyrood who get free prescriptions, either through age, being pregnant or having a young child, or illness.
Many of those who are happy to get free prescriptions voted to deny that same right to all Scots.
SOUTH KOREAN players and coach Guus Hiddink are to get free flights on the national airline and have been given free insurance after reaching the World Cup quarter-finals.