be/get done for something/for doing something

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be done for

COMMON If someone or someone is done for, they are certain to fail or suffer a bad experience. As soon as the police find the emails, I'm done for. I knew my diet was done for when they put up a McDonalds right next to the dorm.
See also: done

be ˈdone for

(informal) be in serious trouble: The supplies are so low that we will be done for in a few days if help doesn’t come soon.I think the project is done for — the money’s almost gone and we’ve got no results after three years’ hard work.
See also: done

be/get ˈdone for something/for doing something

(British English, informal) be caught and punished for doing something illegal but not too serious: I got done for speeding on my way back home.
See also: done, get, something