grab attention

(redirected from get attention)

grab someone's attention

 and get someone's attention; grip someone's attention
Fig. to draw or attract someone's attention. The bright colors on the poster are there to grab your attention. The scary movie gripped my attention.
See also: attention, grab
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LVLT (Nasdaq:LVLT) will get attention in July; QLGC (Nasdaq:QLGC) has been a tremendous play and looks good; NXLK (Nasdaq:NXLK) and QCOM (Nasdaq:QCOM) look poised to substantially move higher; VOD (NYSE:VOD) is receiving attention after their mergers; WWCA (Nasdaq:WWCA) is flying on speculation AT&T wants them; WCOM (Nasdaq:WCOM) and AWRE (Nasdaq:AWRE) should move; NOK (NYSE:NOK) is still attractive.