get along without

get along without (someone or something)

to manage without someone or something; to do without someone or something. I don't think I can get along without my secretary. My secretary just quit, and I don't think I will be able to get along without.
See also: get, without
References in classic literature ?
Now, when any one speaks up, like a man, and says slavery is necessary to us, we can't get along without it, we should be beggared if we give it up, and, of course, we mean to hold on to it,--this is strong, clear, well-defined language; it has the respectability of truth to it; and, if we may judge by their practice, the majority of the world will bear us out in it.
Well, at any rate," said Marie, as she reclined herself on a lounge, "I'm thankful I'm born where slavery exists; and I believe it's right,--indeed, I feel it must be; and, at any rate, I'm sure I couldn't get along without it.
How could a Presbyterian get along without a devil?
Their attitude is, they've gotten along without them for 70 years; they can get along without them for a few more.