get (one's) hands on (something)

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get (one's) hands on (something)

To acquire something, usually a physical object. I need to go to the library and get my hands on this book for my research paper. It took years, but I've finally gotten my hands on this very rare Beatles recording!
See also: get, hand, on

get your hands on something


lay your hands on something

COMMON If you get your hands on something you want or need, or lay your hands on it, you succeed in obtaining it. How was he able to get his hands on that money so easily? People seem to be buying up everything they can lay their hands on.
See also: get, hand, on, something

get/lay your ˈhands on something

obtain something that you want or need very much: Do you know where I can get my hands on a Russian dictionary? I need to check a translation.I’d buy a new car if only I could lay my hands on the money.
See also: get, hand, lay, on, something
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