get (one's) fingers burned

get (one's) fingers burned

To suffer an unpleasant or ruinous consequence (especially the loss of money) for some action, often such that one becomes unwilling or reluctant to do it again. During the boom times, countless would-be investors put everything they owned in shady investment deals, and most of them ended up getting their fingers badly burned.
See also: burn, finger, get

get one's fingers burned

Fig. to receive harm or punishment for one's actions. (Normally fig.) I had my fingers burned the last time I questioned the company policy. I tried that once before and got my fingers burned. I won't try it again.
See also: burn, finger, get

get your fingers burned


burn your fingers

COMMON If you get your fingers burned or burn your fingers when you try do something, it goes wrong, and there are very unpleasant consequences for you. Unfortunately many people got their fingers burned when the Web phenomenon burst onto the scene. Foreign investors have a long history of burning their fingers when they try their hand at making Hollywood movies.
See also: burn, finger, get

get your ˈfingers burnt


burn your ˈfingers

suffer as a result of doing something without realizing the possible bad results, especially in business: She got her fingers burnt when she set up a business and had all her money stolen by her partner.
See also: burnt, finger, get
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