get (an amount of money) for (something)

get (an amount of money) for (something)

To receive an amount of money in exchange for a particular item. Wow, I can't believe you got $30 for that old air conditioner. How much do you think I could get for these fancy headphones?
See also: amount, for, get, of
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get an amount of money for something

to receive an amount of money in exchange for something; to sell something for a specific price. (See also get something for an amount of money.) I got nearly two thousand dollars for my car. How much did they get for their house?
See also: amount, an, for, get, money, of

get something for someone

to obtain something for the use or benefit of someone. I will get a new book for you. Sorry I messed the old one up. Would you get a glass of water for me?
See also: for, get

get something for something

to obtain a part or attachment for an object. I need to get a part for the vacuum cleaner. Would you please get a bulb for my flashlight?
See also: for, get
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