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gentle giant

Someone who is very large and strong but has a quiet and gentle nature. At first, I was afraid of the big, burly man covered in tattoos, but when I saw him rescue that kitten from the tree, I realized he was just a gentle giant.
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be as gentle as a lamb

To be pleasant, caring, and calm. My rambunctious son is as gentle as a lamb with our cat. Mr. Stewart may seem crotchety, but he's as gentle as a lamb—he's actually helped me carry my groceries many times.
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*gentle as a lamb

Cliché [of someone] very gentle. (*Also: as ~.) Don't be afraid of Mr. Schaeffer. He may look fierce, but he's as gentle as a lamb. Lisa was gentle as a lamb when dealing with children.
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gentle as a lamb

If someone is as gentle as a lamb, they are very kind and never become angry or aggressive. Brian was as gentle as a lamb and wouldn't hurt anyone. Verdy was as gentle as a lamb off the field but a raging lion on it.
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I say almost gentler, because the scene in which the Gizzardgulper, Bonecruncher, Meatdripper, Blood-bottler and Fleshlumpeater monsters eat their way through little children in a bedroom had my rather bold nearly-six-year-old riveted pale-faced to the edge of his seat in dismay.
Expert trails snake down canyons, sometimes requiring steep portages down snowmelt waterfalls, but there are gentler trails for novices.
When all the pomp and circumstance have been stripped away, all the dogmas diluted in palatable form, all the triumphalism softened into kinder, gentler service, the core of Rome has to remain what is has been so long.
The NFB made Canada a kind of gentler culture than the American's and gave focus to the country.
And it meets customers' demands by providing a larger capacity, easier accessibility, improved cleaning and gentler care.
It's gentler and safer, whatever discipline you're in.
Surely General Mills could get its hands on an oil that's kinder and gentler on American's hearts.
Asked whether he is a kinder, gentler breed of investment banker, Corzine's eyes flicker and his voice rises to audible levels.
Later, with Perry Mason, he became gentler and more cerebral, seeming to aim at a mass market typified by The Saturday Evening Post.
A gentler Holme Valley bike ride A CYCLING club is set to launch shorter escorted rides for anyone with two wheels.
ZENA SAYS: SimpleStrip works by dissolving the wallpaper paste and is gentler and quicker than steaming.
Perhaps you will credit us for being gentler in the future.
smacking insults laying waste to the gentler, doofus-y humor the others truck in.
reportedly creates gentler or less chaotic mixing than a typical static mixer.
The slow crescendo of an increasingly heavy downpour on a city street is sonically diverted and distorted into what becomes a vigorous artificial drum solo before being returned to an approximation of the gentler rhythms of nature.