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(as) gentle as a lamb

Pleasant, caring, and calm. It's taken some time, but our rambunctious son is finally as gentle as a lamb with our cat. Mr. Stewart may seem crotchety, but he's as gentle as a lamb—he's actually helped me carry my groceries many times. I would highly recommend our pediatrician because she's always gentle as a lamb.
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be as gentle as a lamb

To be pleasant, caring, and calm. My rambunctious son is as gentle as a lamb with our cat. Mr. Stewart may seem crotchety, but he's as gentle as a lamb—he's actually helped me carry my groceries many times.
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gentle giant

Someone who is very large and strong but has a quiet and gentle nature. At first, I was afraid of the big, burly man covered in tattoos, but when I saw him rescue that kitten from the tree, I realized he was just a gentle giant.
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*gentle as a lamb

Cliché [of someone] very gentle. (*Also: as ~.) Don't be afraid of Mr. Schaeffer. He may look fierce, but he's as gentle as a lamb. Lisa was gentle as a lamb when dealing with children.
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gentle as a lamb

If someone is as gentle as a lamb, they are very kind and never become angry or aggressive. Brian was as gentle as a lamb and wouldn't hurt anyone. Verdy was as gentle as a lamb off the field but a raging lion on it.
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The problem is that human nature being what it is we pay lip service to these laudable sentiments, but it's hard to imagine that when Parliament resumes after the summer break a new communal, kinder and gentler language will be on our MPs' tongues.
Yet society was a gentler, safer place with far less crime, and far more respect not only for each other but also for ourselves.
- Easier wheelchair access due to the lower floor and gentler sloping ramp
There were other highlights, with Oliver tending to enjoy the gentler rides full of spectacle rather than the spectacular rides full of terror.
Cromollient SCE can be added to most cleaning systems to improve mildness and create gentler products without reformulation.
(Perhaps a deep-dish plate of a kinder, gentler foie gras, or repeated showings of that old Sears Tower promo film?)
Graceland Fruit's infused dried strawberries now look and taste even more like fresh strawberries, thanks to a gentler infusion process that has been integrated into a new processing plant in China.
In the opposition Tory party, the new leader, David Cameron, has revamped the party's image towards a "gentler conservatism" on many issues.
In stark contrast to American movies portraying robots as ruthless, Terminator-style killing machines, Japanese cinema and television has a tradition of gentler robots that mimic human activities.
While Run chose to continue the religious meditations and life-in-the-music-biz ditties he began recording in the mid-1990s, DMC is focused on his relevance and potential contribution as living icon and connection to a kinder, gentler era of hip-hop.
Of gentler tracks, Resolution has an underlying Celtic theme, and The Prayer/The Answer is a tuneful tour de force nodding to Steve Vai.
By contrast, the patination of brass is gentler and its effects can be more closely controlled.
The lymph system is one area to which herbalists pay more attention to than mainstream medicine practioners; herbalists have a much greater appreciation of subtlety, since herbal diagnostics are more based on pre-clinical conditions, and the remedies are gentler with a broader effect.