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gentle giant

Someone who is very large and strong but has a quiet and gentle nature. At first, I was afraid of the big, burly man covered in tattoos, but when I saw him rescue that kitten from the tree, I realized he was just a gentle giant.
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be as gentle as a lamb

To be pleasant, caring, and calm. My rambunctious son is as gentle as a lamb with our cat. Mr. Stewart may seem crotchety, but he's as gentle as a lamb—he's actually helped me carry my groceries many times.
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*gentle as a lamb

Cliché [of someone] very gentle. (*Also: as ~.) Don't be afraid of Mr. Schaeffer. He may look fierce, but he's as gentle as a lamb. Lisa was gentle as a lamb when dealing with children.
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gentle as a lamb

If someone is as gentle as a lamb, they are very kind and never become angry or aggressive. Brian was as gentle as a lamb and wouldn't hurt anyone. Verdy was as gentle as a lamb off the field but a raging lion on it.
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References in classic literature ?
Happy sounds were heard in his once lonely home, and bright faces gathered round his knee, and listened tenderly while he strove to tell them all the good that gentleness and love had done for him.
Had you seen her this morning, Mary," he continued, "attending with such ineffable sweetness and patience to all the demands of her aunt's stupidity, working with her, and for her, her colour beautifully heightened as she leant over the work, then returning to her seat to finish a note which she was previously engaged in writing for that stupid woman's service, and all this with such unpretending gentleness, so much as if it were a matter of course that she was not to have a moment at her own command, her hair arranged as neatly as it always is, and one little curl falling forward as she wrote, which she now and then shook back, and in the midst of all this, still speaking at intervals to me, or listening, and as if she liked to listen, to what I said.
To Konstantin the peasant was simply the chief partner in their common labor, and in spite of all the respect and the love, almost like that of kinship, he had for the peasant-- sucked in probably, as he said himself, with the milk of his peasant nurse--still as a fellow-worker with him, while sometimes enthusiastic over the vigor, gentleness, and justice of these men, he was very often, when their common labors called for other qualities, exasperated with the peasant for his carelessness, lack of method, drunkenness, and lying.
The master is a person of an excellent disposition and is remarkable in the ship for his gentleness and the mildness of his discipline.
The heavenly gentleness of his smile made his apologies irresistible.
He not only forgot himself so far as to kiss her hand--he adopted a gentleness of tone in answering her which, in such a case, was little better than a compromise with sin.
MORNING SERIAL Carwyn by Alun Richards NO one saw this more clearly than Colin Welland, a friend of Carwyn's in later life, who saw what he describes as a South Lancashire parallel and was always aware that Carwyn's quixotic gentleness was unexpected in a rugby environment.
Praised by reviewers for its honesty and gentleness, this book is an excellent read for all who may be feeling detached, burnt out or dissatisfied.
Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) corrected people's missteps with gentleness, empathy, and creativity.
According to the company, the shapes, colors and materials were designed to convey gentleness and calm.
There's a wryness in her voice when she sings it, and a gentleness.
THE GREEN MILE Sky Movies Greats 10PM Tom Hanks is mystified by the gentleness of Death Row giant Michael Clarke Duncan.
The novel unfolds with a sympathetic clarity that refuses to shy away from both the harsh realities of life and the bits of gentleness and hope that can be found among the shadows.
For a long time after that conversation, I kept a note on my desk that read, "Practice kindness, gentleness, and humility every day.
My two brothers have inherited his gentleness and his solidness, especially my eldest bro, who I can always turn to.