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(as) gentle as a lamb

Pleasant, caring, and calm. It's taken some time, but our rambunctious son is finally as gentle as a lamb with our cat. Mr. Stewart may seem crotchety, but he's as gentle as a lamb—he's actually helped me carry my groceries many times. I would highly recommend our pediatrician because she's always gentle as a lamb.
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be as gentle as a lamb

To be pleasant, caring, and calm. My rambunctious son is as gentle as a lamb with our cat. Mr. Stewart may seem crotchety, but he's as gentle as a lamb—he's actually helped me carry my groceries many times.
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gentle giant

Someone who is very large and strong but has a quiet and gentle nature. At first, I was afraid of the big, burly man covered in tattoos, but when I saw him rescue that kitten from the tree, I realized he was just a gentle giant.
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*gentle as a lamb

Cliché [of someone] very gentle. (*Also: as ~.) Don't be afraid of Mr. Schaeffer. He may look fierce, but he's as gentle as a lamb. Lisa was gentle as a lamb when dealing with children.
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gentle as a lamb

If someone is as gentle as a lamb, they are very kind and never become angry or aggressive. Brian was as gentle as a lamb and wouldn't hurt anyone. Verdy was as gentle as a lamb off the field but a raging lion on it.
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Here is one who is gentle among the wounded, powerful enough to bring justice to all the nations and yet sensitive enough to find value in a half-broken reed or a malfunctioning lamp.