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a budding genius

A young person who exhibits signs of great intelligence. This kid's a budding genius—have you seen the complex equations he can solve?
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budding genius

a very bright and promising young person. Harry is a budding genius, but he seems like a fairly normal teenager.
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Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains.

Prov. Genius is the quality of being exceedingly careful about everything you do. If genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains, Marilyn certainly has it. She never overlooks a single detail that needs attention.
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Genius is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration.

Prov. People get brilliant results primarily by working hard, not because they have special inborn powers. Child: Betty always does the best drawings in art class. She must be a genius. Father: If you worked hard, you could do just as well. Remember, genius is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration.
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stroke of genius

an act of genius; a very clever and innovative idea or task. Your idea of painting the rock wall red was a stroke of genius.
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stroke of genius

an outstandingly brilliant and original idea.
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Genius began with rap, which remains its largest and most popular section.
For example: "My brother put diesel in my petrol engine - he's a real genius that guy.
But Jefferson's reading of realist fiction as engaged in what we might think of as a Kleinian aggression against genius might be compatible with its broadening of the notion of genius past just the aesthetic: to render genius nonaesthetic is, perhaps, much the same thing as killing it off.
Moore and Slater also blame Rove's evil genius for the decision "to fight the war on terrorism, which was a just cause, and use the pureness of that purpose to advance the Republican political agenda.
Analyzing the payoffs more closely, Nash estimated how much it should take to persuade Genius or Smart to join with Nash, and when Nash should simply give up and go it alone.
THIS VIEW OF WHIZ KIDS NOT JUST AS geeks but as psychologically damaged goods could be part of our cultural ambivalence about genius.
The book is about being friends with a genius artist, and how horrible it is, especially for the merely talented.
The agreement with SmartAuction advances our mission to help dealers evaluate and acquire more used vehicles in less time," says Todd Kinzle, co-founder and director of operations for Auction Genius.
But the oooh-aaah tone of many of the recent releases suggests the fascination is with celebrity -the idea of genius, not the ideas of geniuses.
Drive Genius was first launched at Macworld in 2006 and has continued to be the most-awarded hard drive utility software on the Mac market.
Prosoft is excited to release our new Drive Genius External Defrag app, which is a standout tool from the award-winning utility Drive Genius 3.
Baby Genius Poised to Increase Brand Awareness with Launch of Exciting New Merchandise and Marketing Initiatives
Investors are invited to listen to Genius Products' conference call by dialing 888-713-4214 and using the passcode 61327635.
OB) today announced that the Company and Genius Products, Inc.
announces the availability of Drive Genius 2, the award-winning hard drive maintenance utility for the Mac.