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clogs to clogs in three generations

The idea that a family can escape poverty for a time but then become impoverished again, all in the span of three generations. Primarily heard in UK. With the way you're spending our family's money, we'll be clogs to clogs in three generations!
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generation gap

The difference of opinions and attitudes, especially in relation to social changes and politics, that develop as each generation changes from the one before it. Attitudes toward gay marriage reflects a clear generation gap on the issue today.
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Generation X

 and Generation X'er
people reaching puberty during the 1970s and 1980s. Three or four generation X'ers were in the antique store looking eagerly at some of those horrible old dinette chairs from the 1950s.
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generation gap

A broad difference in values and attitudes between one generation and another, especially between parents and their children. For example, There's a real generation gap in their choice of music, restaurants, clothing-you name it . [1960s"
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clogs to clogs in three generations

the return of a family to poverty after one generation of prosperity.
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now generation

n. the (once current) generation of young people who seemed to want only instant gratification. All those people in the now generation want to start out with fancy cars and nice houses.
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Generationally speaking, there even seems to be a rightward tilt among younger Jews.
The film illustrates how this epidemic has affected tribal people generationally and the resultant problems that have ensued and demand attention.
Community college faculty members teach a more diverse--academically, generationally and ethnically--classroom than most four-year college faculty will ever experience.
He acknowledges the great diversity of Mexico, regionally, culturally, ethnically, generationally, and so on.
Similarly, frequent texts at the start of the book make it feel generationally appropriate, though the texts drop off as the story progresses and gets more and more into Taylor's head.
While farmers and ranchers are currently producing more than ever before, the American public and many political leaders are generationally and geographically more removed from how and where their food is produced.
president being a gamer "pretty generationally stirring," bur he neglects to consider the kind of habits the president would develop if he were reared on Grand Theft Auto.
He stated that a minority of benefit claimants are swinging the lead and failing to contribute to society, and he pointed out that some families have become generationally welfare-dependant.
But generationally, they want those things delivered in a different package.
In fact, the process of change here is two-way, as manufacturers respond to attitudinal changes, some of which are generationally based, and then adopt the emerging views in their communication with consumers.
They're not just incrementally behind, but generationally behind.
Semi-structured interviews conducted with alumni program directors and admissions officers at seven community colleges in the Southern Appalachian Region explore how they use alumni to recruit and retain students from non-dominant groups as well as students from generationally poor families.
Training today's generationally diverse workforce starts with understanding the values that drive attitudes and behaviors.
As with any issue that is generationally and culturally linked, as time passes, perceptions and their impacts will continue to evolve.