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clogs to clogs in three generations

The idea that a family can escape poverty for a time but then become impoverished again, all in the span of three generations. Primarily heard in UK. With the way you're spending our family's money, we'll be clogs to clogs in three generations!
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generation gap

The difference of opinions and attitudes, especially in relation to social changes and politics, that develop as each generation changes from the one before it. Attitudes toward gay marriage reflects a clear generation gap on the issue today.
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Generation X

 and Generation X'er
people reaching puberty during the 1970s and 1980s. Three or four generation X'ers were in the antique store looking eagerly at some of those horrible old dinette chairs from the 1950s.
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generation gap

A broad difference in values and attitudes between one generation and another, especially between parents and their children. For example, There's a real generation gap in their choice of music, restaurants, clothing-you name it . [1960s"
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clogs to clogs in three generations

the return of a family to poverty after one generation of prosperity.
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now generation

n. the (once current) generation of young people who seemed to want only instant gratification. All those people in the now generation want to start out with fancy cars and nice houses.
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The Baby Boomers are an enormous generation that grew up in relative prosperity and safety.
He points out that the Greatest Generation came home from World War II to an America that was racially segregated, restricted by sex roles, bigoted against gays and environmentally ignorant, and that it wasn't until the flowering of the Boomers in the sixties that progress in these areas became a reality.
By the third generation, for example, just 11 percent of Mexican-American adults have earned a bachelor's degree.
Censer's book ends quite abruptly, leaving the reader wanting to know more about how the promising third generation functioned both as victims and architects of the backlash against women's independence.
The importance of being first: Unique characteristics of first generation community college students.
The natural next step where hardware can further enable software is by providing the infrastructure necessary for next generation services.
Putnam paints a stark contrast between the traditionalist generation and GenXers.
The key element of this line of inquiry hinges on whether the activism and nascent political engagement of the hip-hop generation are focused on reordering American society or just grabbing more of the pie.
When asked if the thought of keeping up with a younger generation felt threatening, key non-family managers firmly rejected the common notion of automatic resistance to change.
Kitwana is successful in balancing critical analysis with practical, everyday observations about this generation.
Like Scott's historical novels, the films signaled an unfulfilled epic desire on the part of a generation that has felt itself diminished by comparison to the one that preceded it.
Add to the honors list in that great generation the farmers of western Massachusetts who resisted the taking of their homes and land for nonpayment of exorbitant taxes.
What happened to individual daily trash generation between 1990 and 1996?
The I-Generation is the largest generation since the baby boomers.
Generation Y, 22 million strong and 11 percent of US adult consumers, is generally credited with significant buying power, a nonconformist attitude toward brands and a willingness to spend online.
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