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generalize about someone or something

 and generalize on someone or something
to interpret someone or something in very general terms. Sometimes it isn't wise to generalize about a complicated issue. She is very complex and it is difficult to generalize on her.
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generalize from something

to assume a general pattern in something from specific observances of something. You can hardly generalize from only two instances. You can't generalize anything from the testimony of a single witness!
See also: generalize
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The purpose of survey design is to generalize research finding to larger groups of a population based on a studying a subset of the target population.
This suggests an alternative criterion by which to judge changes in student performance--namely, that achievement gains on test items that measure particular skills or understandings may be meaningful even if the student's overall test score does not fully generalize to other exams.
We generalize this result for any finite number of solvable groups.
According to this view, therefore, contingencies arranged for some subclasses may generalize to all of the others.
Also, we generalize the relative results of generalized m-power matrices to the ones of generalized m-power transformations.
First, responding is assumed to generalize from the sample and comparison stimuli in the reinforcement histories of Table 1 to the unfamiliar sample and comparison stimuli arranged in studies of stimulus equivalence.
Bresar introduced the definition of generalize derivation on rings as follows: An additive map g: R [right arrow] R is called a generalize derivation if there exists a derivation d: R [right arrow] R such that g(ab) = g(a)b + ad(b) for all a,b [member of] R (we will call it of type 1).
By considering the transition flow point where the pulp begins to move tangentially, axially, and radially in a pulper, we can ascribe a shear factor [lambda] that generalizes the apparent viscosity.