the common/general run

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the common run of (something)

The standard, average, or typical type of something. The unorthodox politician is seen by many as a rebuke to the common run of bureaucrats, who spend more time debating and arguing than actually accomplishing anything meaningful. While the common run of stuff you find in a flea market is junk, every now and then you come across something really valuable.
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the common/general ˈrun (of something)

the average or usual type (of something): This programme is better than the general run of television comedies.
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Not only does software tend to make business in general run more efficiently, but it also gives scrap recyclers the ability to sort and catalogue the types of commodities shipped by their customers, which is "a nice tool in evaluating the total sales percentage and how significant that customer is for each commodity," according to Weis.
Star Wars' fans just seem like kinder, gentler, more well-adjusted, grown-up people than you find in the general run of (science-fiction) conventions,'' says Stover.
What further sets him apart from the general run of scientists, overworked doctors, swimmers, and fern collectors is that all evidence in his books shows that he is an extraordinarily happy man, as happy as the ten-year-old who repeatedly stank up the large family home in London and rattled it with explosions.
I realize that dimension is largely cut to order for a specific purpose or a particular piece of furniture, but the general run of dimension is like regular lumber, except that the defects allowed, if any, are more clearly defined.
But for the general run of desktop computing applications, Ultra ATA/66 will provide PC users with a low cost, fast access, highly reliable interface solution for years to come.
They refused to give an inch in what turned out to be red-blooded battle with a draw a fair result on the general run of play.
5 For which, of course, the clients deserve congratulation too if only they could look again at the general run of their restaurants.
By far the most vituperative passages in the diary are directed at the general run of "yokels," "boobs," "morons," and "imbeciles," and, in particular, at the migrants from Appalachia to Baltimore Mencken charmingly referred to as "lintheads," "anthropoids," or "vermin.
It was always one of the things that set Saxon apart from the general run of NWOBHM (new wave of British heavy metal) bands and on this, their latest release, it still comes over clearly.
The runaway winner of last season's Aintree spectacular, Hedgehunter seemed a danger to War Of Attrition at the final fence only to gradually give best, but his effort thrilled trainer Willie Mullins, whose horses have in general run below expectations at the Festival.
As for the general run of popular movies this year: People hate 'em
This was particularly so during a period when the fortunes of the general run of art galleries were at an impasse not unlike the present grave moment.
The same can be said of the general run of work the fine ensemble members can claim.
Cull Ewes: Top pounds 100 to D E &D M Jones, Tirlan; General run pounds 55 to pounds 85 Cull Rams: Top pounds 100 to J D & H N Thomas & Son, Pantstreimon; General run pounds 65 to pounds 90.
In fact, I suspect Northern Rock will prove a one-off and will certainly not lead to a general run on banks.
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