in the/somebody's blood/genes

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in the blood

Innate, as of a skill or quality. That type of passion can't be taught—it's in the blood.
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in the blood

 and in one's blood
Fig. built into one's personality or character. John's a great runner. It's in his blood. The whole family is very athletic. It's in the blood.
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in the/somebody’s ˈblood/ˈgenes

part of somebody’s nature and shared by other members of their family: Both his father and his mother were writers, so literature runs in his blood.
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The gene has also been appropriated to explain the personalities of those in business.
The appropriation of DNA - the good or bad gene - to explain individual differences recasts common beliefs about the importance of heredity in powerful scientific terms.
Gene therapy became possible in concept in 1953 when Drs.
This research should lead to a better understanding of how hearing impairment or deafness is transmitted from parent to child, making it possible to identify and characterize the genes in which changes or mutations cause hearing impairment.
These facts tell us genes are important for determining who may get MS, but they are not the whole story: the identical twins of people with MS would always get MS if genes were the only factors involved.
The chromosome with the least number of convergent overlapping gene pairs is 21(~1%).
However, evidence supporting the importance of regulatory genes has remained elusive.
Phenotypic anchoring of gene expression changes during estrogen-induced uterine growth.
We now report as viral sequences particular nucleotide sequences previously considered to be human genes; these sequences were named Angrem52 and Angrem104.
The Gene Express Standardized Expression Measurement (SEM) Service Center(tm) has been used successfully by investigators from multiple academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.
For example, scientists at the Boyce Thompson Institute at Cornell University isolated genes from the hepatitis B virus, an infectious particle that causes deadly liver disease.
The architecture for Blue Gene/L is expected to be more easily adaptable to commercial applications than the original Blue Gene project, and promises to be more affordable to business users than the leading-edge supercomputers found at national laboratories.
Patenting a gene and releasing it into the public domain, as the National Institute of Health now usually does, harms no one.
Looking at chromosome 6, researcher Robert Plomin has found that children with high IQs--around 160--are twice as likely as the general population to have a slightly different version of the IGF2R gene. IGF2R is associated with insulin-like proteins and may have an effect on how a person burns glucose to produce energy in the body.
Some products are genes. We're developing a drug in which the active principal, what you put into the tube and inject in the patient, is a piece of DNA, a gene itself.