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comic talents toiling in all fields, including standup gender-bender Eddie Izzard, the small screen's Ricky Gervais (of the Office"), the twisted duo behind "Little Britain," the twisted trio-plus of" The League of Gentlemen" and the film hitmeister Richard Curtis, who sent half the critics reaching for poisonous adjectives and the other half, along with audiences, into gentle hysteria with "Love Actually."
Stedman, now 36, has gone for a freaky gender-bender look, complete with goatee beard and pigtails.
This Mary is a gender-bender; she could do the same for any man." (Meditations on Mary; Viking Studio, 1999)
How's this for a gender-bender? Scientists have discovered the first case of a male mammal that produces milk in the wild.
For its part, 'Die Beautiful' stands out with its 'gender-bender' twist-and the fact that it's done well in festivals abroad could attract film buffs who want to see for themselves what the citations are all about.
John Agnew, of Kilbirnie, has a right gender-bender tickler that has me stumped this week.
The blond 5ft 11in gender-bender's action against the Eastern Health Board in Northern Ireland was listed for hearing next month at the High Court in Edinburgh.
Perfs riff nicely on Mafia stereotypes; Cayne (cited in press notes as "a popular New York personality.") underplays the gender-bender part to credible effect.
So, the word's out: Gender-bender versatility in the biz is great, but straight actors who 'go edgy' should be prepared for possible reversals of career fortunes, because it can be a 'double-bladed' sword.
Now Kay's gender-bender pop creation Geraldine McQueen has hit the charts at No 2 with spoof reccord The Winner's Song.
The gender-bender penguin bombshell was dropped by a keeper on his last day at work at the zoo.
Then, as diners spluttered with indignation, he launched into another disgusting story involving gender-bender comic Julian Clary and soccer star David Beckham.
You might, on the other hand, believe the Blessed Margaret herself had a gender-bender op that turned her into Attila The Hen.
In the screen gender-bender, the lives of five gay men intersect: Popular screen heartthrob Champ Reyno (Edgar Allan Guzman) goes missing after his sex video with another guy goes viral.
The comic's gender-bender pop creation Geraldine McQueen reached No2 in the UK charts with spoof record The Winner's Song.
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