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gender bender

1. One who dresses and/or behaves in the manner or style of the opposite sex. Tom works as an accountant during the week, but he has a performance routine as a gender bender on the weekend.
2. One who challenges, denies, or explores the borders or limitations of gender identity, typically through means such as activism, transvestitism, academic discourse, etc., or a combination thereof. Some of the leading academic gender benders are gathering this week for a summit on transgender rights.
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gender bending

1. modifier (hyphenated and used before a noun) Literally, causing a change in the sexual assignment of a person or animal. Scientists are developing a gender-bending chemical procedure to induce artificial hermaphroditism in insects.
2. modifier (hyphenated and used before a noun) Assuming the roles, appearance, or manner of the opposite sex. This novel features a gender-bending protagonist who, at various stages in the story, moves between gender identities.
3. noun The discourse or practice of challenging, denying, or exploring the borders or limitations of gender identity, typically through means such as activism, transvestitism, academic discourse, etc., or a combination thereof. Some of the leading academics in gender bending are gathering this week for a summit on transgender rights.
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play the gender card

To dismiss or discredit an opinion, argument, position, action, decision, etc., as being the product of prejudice against one's gender. The candidate played the gender card as an explanation for why her polls were much lower recently, claiming that the media has been giving her less visibility than her male opponents simply because she is a woman. I hate it when casual misogynists try to brush off legitimate criticism by claiming that you're just "playing the gender card."
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gender gap

A broad difference between men and women, as in There is still an enormous gender gap in the wages of unskilled labor. This expression at first referred to the difference between men and women in voting preferences. It has since been extended to other areas. [1970s]
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1. n. a device that changes electrical plugs or sockets to the opposite gender—male to female, female to male. You need what’s called a gender-bender to match those plugs.
2. mod. having to do with something that obscures male/female distinctions. Those gender-bender hairstyles can be confusing.
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The selection of the Rwandan case may be understood from the perspective of previous research on gender and aid effectiveness which has hinted at the importance of a recipient country's own commitment to gender-related objectives for the integration of a gender dimension in development interventions (see e.
focus--where this evidence base for effectiveness of aid on gender equality issues is much weaker.
Deo, the 2011 field staff awardee, is the gender and livelihoods specialist on the Sunhara project, based in India, who has played a lead role in documenting and sharing the results of the program's gender initiatives.
The in-depth and variety of research and theoretical models presented will provide a foundation for undergraduates and graduate students to use the cited works as a base for further examination of literature in almost any area of gender development work.
National statistical offices and sectoral information management systems (MIS) need to endeavour to provide Gender Disaggregated Data.
Unfortunately, despite happy findings, this is certainly not a panacea for gender inequity.
In the second block, the independent variables were again gender and ethnicity along with items containing parents' Active and Reactive involvement.
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The DWP also has to pay benefits according to a person's acquired gender once they have gained legal recognition in that gender.
But others say it's a logical next step for a group that has challenged gender identity constructs for a long time.
Mortality rates suggest that gender is also a determinant of health.
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He wants to include gender identity or expression as a prohibited ground of discrimination.
Founded in March 2001 by gender and media activists, Gender Links has grown from strength to strength through its wide network of partnerships with media houses, advocacy and training institutions, all brought together at a landmark Gender and Media Summit in September 2004 in Johannesburg that led to the formation of the Gender and Media Southern Africa Network (GEMSA).
Gender encouragement: Stroklund encourages presenters to weave gender issues into their talks by focusing on how their gender helped them achieve success and discussing barriers.