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and geke
1. n. a disgusting and repellent person; a creep. (Rude and derogatory.) The convention was a seething morass of pushy sales geeks and glad-handers.
2. n. an earnest student; a hardworking student. (Usually objectionable.) It looks like the geeks are taking over this campus. How gross!
3. n. a person, soldier, or civilian of an East Asian country, especially in wartime. (Rude and derogatory.) Willy is tired of geeks and the way they talk.

geek out

in. to study hard. (see also geek.) Big test tomorrow. I’ve got to get home and geek out.
See also: geek, out


mod. stylish or fashionable only for social outcasts. (see also geek.) Why do you have to buy all this geek-chic stuff? Don’t they give it away somewhere?
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SOURCE Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share
This geeky guy got a hold of my clothes and threw my training bra straight into the pool.
Rusty is a sweet but slightly geeky, pudgy little kid who is not at all happy with how he turns out -- as a 40-year-old "loser" without a wife or even a dog.
com/diablo-3-inferno-hardcore-beaten-at-its-highest-difficulty-video-20-06-2012/) Geeky Gadgets .
The geeky 27-year-old spends hours in his cell drawing his weird pictures.
Posing seductively in her underwear, the former Hear'Say singer couldn't look any less geeky if she tried.
Its broken-in condition and deliberately faded logo dispense with that geeky ``check out my new school gear'' look.
This one's chockfull of funky special effects, freaky geeky characters and high-tech fun on the run.
In that time he has grown up from a shy, geeky boy to a young man taking on powerful roles including the part of Alan Strang in a revival of the play Equus and the lead part in Broadway production How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.
One is a penniless, geeky musician (Jason Schwartzman), the other is a sophisticated older man (Martin), who is prepared to lavish her with gifts and attention, but claims he isn't looking for a serious relationship.
But if you wonder whether an enormous hit on your feature-film debut and a sitcom spinoff - the short-lived ``My Big Fat Greek Life'' - are enough to make a person overly image conscious, Vardalos and her collection of geeky or embarrassing anecdotes are here to tell you otherwise.
Everyone is invited to take advantage of this uniquely Geeky gathering," stated Susan Kaup, GeekPride Day organizer.
In the show that made you famous, Moonlighting, you were just a geeky guy with a bad hair-do.
Despite Sandy's wife Kirsten's (Kelly Rowan) misgivings, Ryan befriends their geeky son Seth (Adam Brody, suggesting a young Tom Hanks).