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and geke
1. n. a disgusting and repellent person; a creep. (Rude and derogatory.) The convention was a seething morass of pushy sales geeks and glad-handers.
2. n. an earnest student; a hardworking student. (Usually objectionable.) It looks like the geeks are taking over this campus. How gross!
3. n. a person, soldier, or civilian of an East Asian country, especially in wartime. (Rude and derogatory.) Willy is tired of geeks and the way they talk.

geek out

in. to study hard. (see also geek.) Big test tomorrow. I’ve got to get home and geek out.
See also: geek, out


mod. stylish or fashionable only for social outcasts. (see also geek.) Why do you have to buy all this geek-chic stuff? Don’t they give it away somewhere?
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This is due to the growing awareness that being a nerd or geek could actually have a positive outcome.
The FBI turned over files on four of eight Geek Squad employees it worked with.
Such events are important because they help to "make people aware that this is not just all technical," says Stafford Battle, a Black Geek who, with Rey Harris, co-authored The African American Resource Guide to the Internet and Online Services (McGraw Hill, $19.
SAN FRANCISCO -- In advance of its inaugural Girl Geek Dinner event, Atlassian, an enterprise software company, conducted a quick poll of women in high tech to find out what they really think about working in the industry.
com/some-best-buy-geek-squad-employees-were-reportedly-paid-fbi-informants-2473993) Read More: Some Best Buy Geek Squad Employees Were Reportedly Paid FBI Informants
Upcoming reality programs include ``Survival of the Richest,'' a ``Beauty and the Geek''-style show matching up wealthy and impoverished young adults; ``Fountain of Youth,'' an ``Amazing Race'' hybrid, also from Kutcher, that pairs teens and ``senior citizens'' on a cross-country road trip (Janollari proved particularly elusive when asked for his definition of ``senior citizen'' - at the WB, that could mean 40), and Kutcher's reversal of ``Beauty and the Geek,'' teaming dim hunks with brainy women.
1,387 people registered for Geek Day with nearly 900 attending the event
The 2015 Big Damn Shindig (#2015bds) will feature Geek Team Trivia for the first time, with a first prize of $200 donated by Atlantis Games and Comics.
While Card may not be involved directly, Geek Out argues any money made by the film will help add to Card's wealth.
com partners with Best Buy's Geek Squad(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
org/deeplinks/2018/03/geek-squads-relationship-fbi-cozier-we-thought) documents show that the FBI paid members of Best Buy's computer and device repair service Geek Squad to pass on information about illegal materials found on customer machines.
Today, a geek is a person heavily invested in their interest or hobby.
com)-- Geek Sources Incorporated (doing business as GeekSI and GSI), a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB), Economically-Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB), and Socially-Disadvantaged Business (SDB) specializing in IT and health IT (HIT) for over 18 years, has just been awarded the IT 70 U.
Now, Egypt is hosting its first Geek Fictions Convention on Saturday, April 8 at Smart Village.