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The company also offers gear blanking, engineering consultation and sophisticated inventory management services.
CONTACT: Investors may contact Dal Brynelsen, Laith Nosh or Raymond Polman, Ikona Gear International, Inc.
Due to the great progress of China automobile industry, the gear industry has also witnessed a growth at an average rate of nearly 20% in recent five years.
When the new wing was opened, Winzeler Gear replaced the cooling tower with a central closed-loop chilling system that serves the entire plant.
The flight crew twice tried a maneuver to knock the landing gear free: sharply climbing and accelerating, and then abruptly cutting back the power.
As per Gear Motions, the remaining of the 25 employees will continue with the company, with Robert Barden, vice president and general manager of Niagara Gear, running the daily operations.
At first glance, the construction of the BHS power distribution gear is very similar to that of a standard epicyclic gear: Three planet gears are arrayed around a central sun pinion.
2008) have investigated on ECH of spur gears using different combinations of NaNO3 and NaCl as electrolyte.
The gear power transmissions usually consist of two or more gears meshed for the purpose of transmitting motion (power) from turbine rotor to electric generator rotor.
It involved simultaneous molding of three oddly shaped gears--one triangle, one square, and one oval--of DuPont's Delrin acetal and assembling them precisely with snap fits on a base plate so the three gears would intermesh smoothly.
Make sure the ring gear and pinion gears are clean and free of obstructions.
When the gear broke, Maintenance Supervisor Dave Reno said, it made a big clunk ``100 times more than the sound of grinding gears in a car.
The company's gearing products include work gears, heavy-duty work gears, Series 1000, 2000 and 3000 helical gearing, helical shaft mounts, parallel shaft reducers, planetary reducers and right angle bevel gearboxes.
Also, unlike conventional speed reducers, which use common involute tooth gears, the Cyclo 6000 has a unique epicyclodial design, which allows components to operate in compression, rather than in shear.