gear to

gear to (someone or something)

1. To be suited to or have a focus on a particular audience or objective. The company has made it clear that their newest product is geared to tech-savvy professionals with disposable income to burn. The films are supposedly geared to kids, but they are full of really dark and scary imagery.
2. To design something with a focus on a particular audience or objective. A noun or pronoun can be used between "gear" and "to." Make sure you gear this class to beginners. I'm going to gear my new sci-fi show more to female viewers. I use a planning system that is geared to helping me achieve all my goals for the year.
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gear something to someone or something

to cause something to match something else; to create or adapt something for a specific purpose. Tim geared his speech to his audience. The newspaper geared its language to a fourth-grade reading level.
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In the case of a failure of the electric motor or pump, the gear can be extended by moving a small lever that opens a valve to relieve all hydraulic pressure and allow the gear to free-fall.
Whereas according to [15] in order to optimize utilization of fish resources sector in water area required a consideration of the type of fishing gear to be used and should not damage the marine resources and ecosystems.
Here, the ring gear is the driving gear and so the kinetic transfer path from ring gear to sun gear through planet gears can weaken the changes of average mesh stiffness of sun-planet gear pairs.
This design enables the power distribution gear to act as a two-stage parallel shaft gear, but without high speed bearings and with a coaxial input and output shaft arrangement.
This kind of application makes it possible for the gear to reduce the bending stress.
NATOPS says that if you can't get a symmetrical configuration, retract the gear to land on an even surface.
The procedure goes beyond measuring the gear's outside diameter and rolling the part against a master gear to check form, he said.
Due to normal manufacturing tolerances however, a sun gear which is securely fixed on a shaft will intermittently have more load on one planet gear than on another gear." Hulstein then explains, "By allowing the sun gear to float, it centers itself among the three planets and produces constant, equal load sharing."
I would compare hunting gear to defense in baseball.
The number of revolutions and direction of rotation of the driver caused by returning the fixed gear to its original position in Step 2 are then noted.
Also, you have to be able to manufacture the gear to the design, but not be cost prohibitive.
Of late, GKN Plc inked an agreement with Kawasaki Heavy Industry to provide LPC vanes for GTF engines; Eaton Corporation Plc entered into a joint venture agreement with Shaanxi Fast Gear to manufacture manual transmissions for light weight vehicles.
Using the landing gear to initiate descent from pattern altitude achieves the performance requirement while helping you prevent a gear-up landing.