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But she had not felt as if she looked cheerful when she gazed at the tree.
Natasha gazed at them and was ready to cry because it was not she who was dancing that first turn of the waltz.
It was probably the effect of the western sunshine, melting through the thinly diffused vapors that had swept between him and the object that he gazed at. But- as it always did- the aspect of his marvellous friend made Ernest as hopeful as if he had never hoped in vain.
From the hat the eyes of the robust anarchist wandered to the displaced table, gazed at the broken dish for a time, received a kind of optical shock from observing a white gleam under the imperfectly closed eyelids of the man on the couch.
Comrade Ossipon gazed at it as no lover ever gazed at his mistress's face.
So, the gaze estimation uncertainty was then measured when each user gazed at the nine reference positions (of Figure 14), which are not used for user calibration and are not biased to the calibration information.
Next, methods of tracking gaze directions were proposed under the assumption that users gazed at eight directions on mobile phones [16].
I let my intellect take a vacation and just gazed at what was before me.
Verloc's eyes "like two black holes in the white, shining globes," Ossipon comes to his conclusions (Secret 296):"[he] gazed at it as no lover ever gazed at his mistress's face.
The function of Mulvey's male gaze is similar, because, even though it does not necessarily influence the moral code of the woman gazed at, it undoubtedly controls and to a certain extent sways her code of conduct.
My research has demonstrated that people will shift their attention automatically to a location gazed at by a cartoon face presented on a computer screen--even when the face's gaze direction provides no meaningful or useful information.
I gazed at the lady as she gazed at me, She'd stroked my coat gently, she likes me, you see.
And how many physicians can claim never to have gazed at a patient with voyeuristic fascination?
It often feminizes (or "de-phallusizes") its optic subject, placing specularized (gazed at) bodies within a narrative of punishment.