look/stare/gaze into space

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stare (off) into space

To stare vacantly or absentmindedly at nothing in particular, usually while one is preoccupied with or distracted by thoughts of something else. I sat at the back of class, staring off into space, when suddenly the solution came to me. He just stared into space as his parents lectured him on the importance of paying attention during class.
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look/stare/gaze into ˈspace

look straight in front of you without looking at a particular thing, usually because you are thinking about something: I asked her twice if she was ready to leave but she just sat there staring into space.
See also: gaze, look, space, stare
References in classic literature ?
So he merely saw that his weapons were all right, and then, with his night-glass, again plunged his gaze into space.
Snagsby notices that both the constable and his guide fall into a deep abstraction as they come towards each other, and appear entirely to overlook each other, and to gaze into space.
Some gaze into space, others gossip, adjust their saris, scratch.
Hundreds are jam-packed in the clinic Waiting so long for their brief blood test It's not surprising a lone cynic Scolds the system, all and sundry addressed Some lock on their smart phones, some daze sprawled While others blankly gaze into space All nervy, await their number called Though with each other there's no interface Four phlebotomists ply their brisk trade Extracting endless samples of blood These for analysis are relayed Tedious, yet vital work for our own good The air in the clinic is stifling What if this confined group spread swine flu?
Types of seizures range from a patient breaking offin the middle of conversation and appearing to gaze into space, to a patient falling to the ground and the muscles contracting violently, resulting in a "fit".
Yuriko's gaze into space with tears in her eyes pulls us into something anyone who has felt sexual ecstasy can identify with.
JOSS Stone has been left in the lurch by Brian May - because he'd rather gaze into space than perform a duet with her at the Concert For Diana on Sunday.
The book is an atlas of humanity's long gaze into space and what awaits us there.
I say 'oh I don't know' and while I stand on tiptoe to see over a rack of Mars bars and motor oil to see if I can locate my car, he'll stand and silently gaze into space until I'm ready.
Where else could you carry out a hip replacement operation, find out why a polar bear does not slip on ice, marvel at a Battle of Britain Spitfire, gaze into space and view the world's oldest steam engine actually working?
Seizures include "absences" where the patient breaks off in the middle of conversation and appears to gaze into space.