gaze around

gaze around (at someone or something)

to look all around at someone or something. The manager gazed around at each of us, and finally spoke. Tourists gazed around at the scenery for a while and got back in the bus. We just stood there, gazing around.
See also: around, gaze
References in classic literature ?
They writhed in their chairs to gaze around and over the impending form of Tildy, that Aileen's pulchritude might season and make ambrosia of their bacon and eggs.
He turned and led the way up a path, and as they followed slowly, because the paper Captain did not move very swiftly, they took the opportunity to gaze around them at this strange paper country.
Perhaps one reason why she seduces casual attention is that she never courts it, though the other women often gaze around them.
The count was silent, but continued to gaze around him.
The sheer design innovation behind these gorgeous homes will unfailingly impress and make you take a sad gaze around your own little box of an apartment.
Paul's Cathedral in London, there is an inscription that reads, "If you seek a monument, gaze around.
Bhat uses these imperfections to control the movement of the viewer's gaze around her work even though the work is still.
Inside the caravanserai, I do my best to let my imagination soar as I gaze around the magnificent cathedral-like stable.
I could not keep up, but I did gaze around in amazement at the splendid, purpose-built centre constructed with recycled materials on the site of the Barley Mow pub just off Gateshead High Street.
Grass skirts and oversized, palm tree-patterned shirts spring to mind as you gaze around the room.
We gaze around with hopeful eyes, But are we really seeing?
A quick gaze around the premises told me this wasn't my first visit to 15 John Street.
As Jaffe writes in "Butoh": Whenever I gaze around me, I want to plunge into the irrational.
In the study, Steve DiPaola has argued that Rembrandt may have pioneered a technique that guides the viewer's gaze around a portrait, creating a special narrative and "calmer" viewing experience.
In another post, he acknowledges feelings of lust, chastising himself for not lowering his gaze around unveiled women.