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just gay enough

(possibly offensive) Of a man, possessing a number of stereotypically homosexual qualities seen as attractive by women, while still being unambiguously heterosexual. I still want a man to be manly, but just gay enough that he can have a conversation about his emotions.
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with gay aˈbandon

(old-fashioned) without thinking about the results or effects of a particular action: Although she was nervous at first, she was soon singing and dancing with gay abandon.
Gay here means ‘happy and without cares’.
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(as) gay as pink ink

mod. having to do with an obviously homosexual person, usually a male. These two guys—as gay as pink ink—came in together.
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gay as pink ink

See also: gay, ink, pink
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Here's the dirty little secret about the list: The point isn't really to pick the gayest cities.
I work in possibly the gayest industry in the world - music and TV.
Cowell told Radio Times that he couldn't care less because it's nothing to be ashamed of as he works in possibly the gayest industry in the world, the Mirror reported.
That's one explanation of why the city ranked a mere 22nd on the list of gayest cities in America.
Well, the unthinkable happened to Pineapple Dance Studios' gayest man (and, believe me, that's a hotly-contested title) on last week's episode.
In 1965, he styled his collection around My Fair Lady, billing it as "the gayest show of the week", when the word "gay" was in a transitional stage.
One blogger described the over-the-top services at Haggard's megachurch as featuring not only faaabulous special effects but also several hunky young men who served as assistant ministers and solo musicians, making it "the gayest place on earth.
He added: "Kate described me as the gayest straight man she'd ever met.
A pink sequin-studded contender for the gayest show of all time.
It has been likened to Nina Simone and gay magazine Attitude described his album as "the gayest thing ever recorded".
And of course, there was Clarence, gayest of the gay, camper than Mr Humphries of Grace Brothers, swishing across the screen with his trademark greeting, 'Oh, hullo Honky Tonks, nice to see,' before amiably answering the interviewer's questions.
THE Ford Escort, once much-loved as a macho status symbol by boy racers, is now seen as the gayest car, it was disclosed today.
My boyfriend, Seth is the gayest straight man on the planet.
Grocery mentions on popular TV programmes continued unabated this week with Tesco Metro being named Britain's gayest supermarket.