gawk at

gawk at (someone or something)

To stare at someone or something in surprise or stupefaction. We gawked at the firemen as they rushed into the burning building. I could only gawk at Mary when she told me she was pregnant.
See also: gawk

gawk at someone or something

to stare at someone or something, obviously and awkwardly. Why are you standing there, gawking at me? The tourists stood at the foot of the mountain and gawked at the top.
See also: gawk
References in classic literature ?
Sandy said there would be a monument put up there, where Moses and Esau had stood, with the date and circumstances, and all about the whole business, and travellers would come for thousands of years and gawk at it, and climb over it, and scribble their names on it.
Airline passengers bound for the Antarctic Circle couldn't help but gawk at the Aurora Australis, which put on a spectacular show last Friday.
It's inconceivable that they would ever capture wild animals and place them in enclosures only to gawk at them, and then let them starve to death during food shortages.
In her cage she waits small and barred, carrying torchlight, daring us while we pretend not to gawk at the white-round plate other face.
All await with abated breaths for Veena Malik's heartbreak over Sheik Sahib's refusal, while they equally gawk at possible fulfilling of Sheikh Sahib's whim by Prime Minister of allowing Sheikh to administer polio drops down his (PM's) gullet.
A tour bus company that offered customers a chance to gawk at ghetto neighborhoods in the South Bronx has stopped the rides after severe backlash from the community.
We can gawk at a person, a bird or a flowering bush and miss the inherent beauty, but when we change our looking into gazing that beauty comes home to our soul.
SUP) is old hat, and there's something fresh to gawk at when you go to the beach: SUP yoga.
This is so selfish to do this, just so we can gawk at them.
com or skip the catalog and gawk at the tools online.
Or do people just fancy a gawk at the lump of wood one or two loopers reckon they can see the mother of Jesus in?
Now that I'm home, I want to tell my friends how silly guys look when they gawk at me.
When the city promises us a skatepark and provides us with a prefab playground, caged in and on display like an exhibit in a museum for the rest of the town to gawk at, our only defense is to run to the fortress that is Thrasher.
They are treated as a novelty and tourists gawk at them.