give voice to (something)

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give voice to (something)

To share one's thoughts or feelings. When we left the office, Sally gave voice to her fear that promotions are unfairly awarded out in our department.
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give voice to something

Fig. to express a feeling or an opinion in words; to speak out about something. The bird gave voice to its joy in the golden sunshine. The protestors gave voice to their anger at Congress.
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give voice to

Say or express, especially an opinion or feeling. For example, The faculty gave voice to their anger over the dean's tenure decisions. This term once meant "to vote." Its present sense dates from the mid-1800s.
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give ˈvoice to something

express your feelings, worries, etc: The speaker stopped, allowing the crowd time to give voice to their frustration and feelings.
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References in classic literature ?
The water ended on the fourth day, and we were already thinking strange things and saying them with our eyes; but it was, I think, the sixth before Helmar gave voice to the thing we had all been thinking.
Teeka gave voice to a shrill scream of terror and of warning as she dashed after the ape-man.
He placed a foot upon the dead body of the panther, and lifting his blood-stained face to the blue of the equatorial heavens, gave voice to the horrid victory cry of the bull ape.
Leaping to his feet the conqueror placed a foot upon the carcass of his kill, raised his face toward the heavens, and gave voice to so hideous a cry that both La and Werper trembled as it reverberated through the temple.
He leaped upon me with the most savage growls I ever heard, lifted me completely above his head, hurled me upon his bed, and after going through a pantomime indicative of choking me to death he stood upon my prostrate form and gave voice to a most fearsome shriek, which he explained was the victory cry of a bull ape.
Matai Shang rose and, leaning over the edge of the balcony, gave voice to the weird call that I had heard from the lips of the priests upon the tiny balcony upon the face of the Golden Cliffs overlooking the Valley Dor, when, in times past, they called the fearsome white apes and the hideous plant men to the feast of victims floating down the broad bosom of the mysterious Iss toward the silian-infested waters of the Lost Sea of Korus.
The man placed a foot upon the carcass of his kill, and, with his handsome face raised toward the full moon, gave voice to the most frightful cry that ever had smote upon her ears.
His lips moved, and he gave voice to this enigmatic utterance:
Eager to do what they could to help hurricane and flood victims, many of the firefighters gave voice to their disgust and frustration.
A trio of men--Bryan Wallk, Jay Bartley, and Michaud--wearing suit jackets around their ankles, gave voice to gender issues.
THE F-WORD: Images of Forgiveness, a powerful and moving exhibition which ran in London in January, gave voice to 26 people from around the world who had experienced tragedy or atrocities.
In the spirit of his book The Cambridge Quartet, in which Casti gave voice to such scientists as Alan Turing and Edwin Schrodinger in a mock discussion about artificial intelligence, the author here assembles a new cast of notable scientists and thinkers.
But the strategy failed, and as this anthology makes clear, African Americans soon began to stretch the new wineskins of their oppressors' language, fashioning a distinctive, original, and ultimately world-shaping musical tongue and vocabulary, one that gave voice to their own African heritage and to the length and breadth of their sufferings, struggles, and prayers in the long road to freedom.
I found that I savored those parts of the book and wanted to hear more from the people themselves because they gave voice to the actual experiences of being a counselor.