give (one) the green light

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give (one) the green light

To grant someone permission to proceed with some action or task. Likened to the green light of a traffic signal. We're just waiting our manager to give us the green light before we release the latest software update.
See also: give, green, light

give someone/something the green light


give the green light to someone/something

COMMON If someone in authority gives someone or something the green light or gives the green light to someone or something, they allow someone to do something or something to happen. He has finally been given the green light to build five new houses on the land. Note: You can also say that someone gets the green light. I've got a bunch more songs, and if I can get the green light from my manager, I'd like to go straight back in and record some more. Note: People use a green light to mean permission from someone in authority. Is that a green light for interest-rate cuts?
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I have had meetings with Lee Charnley every day, Mike Ashley gave us the green light to go forward.
Incredibly, he gave us the green light and then waited with his wife to meet us after I had proposed.
Nassar told The Daily Star last week that "FIBA gave us the green light to approve them in our next meeting of the general assembly on April 16.
Farmer elaborated, “…once the GC gave us the green light, everyone had to work around the floors.
I found this one, contacted the Guinness Book of Records who approved it and then we approached the Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club and the EGF who gave us the green light.
Last Tuesday, Attorney General John Kroger agreed that it was appropriate and lawful, and gave us the green light to continue moving forward.
Within a week of viewing business plans and forecasts, the bank gave us the green light.
Then suddenly, as if by magic, all the economic indicators gave us the green light again.
So Paul and I went back to the owner of the club, Wyn Holloway, and he gave us the green light.
recently gave us the green light to develop products in the seasonal business, including heaters, humidifiers, fans and air cleaners," said Friedson.
Only after they gave us the green light did we start on production engines, which was the first week in December.
Our customer gave us the green light to proceed with manufacturing, integrating and testing after thoroughly reviewing our designs, technical approach, schedule and hardware demonstration.
I sought the opinions of two vets and they both told me that they'd never seen the injury heal so well and gave us the green light to race him.
The 47-year-old said: "The doctors gave us the green light to take her home late yesterday afternoon.
I remember once at Millwall our manager John Docherty gave us the green light on New Year's Eve to go out and get drunk even though we were playing the following day.