give (one) grief

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give (one) grief

To criticize or tease someone. Once my brother hears that I hit a parked car, he'll give me grief about it for years to come. I'm pretty sure that Kevin likes Katie, so I keep giving him grief about it.
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give someone grief

be a nuisance to someone. informal
1998 Times One of the passengers who'd been giving the cabin crew grief started yelling, ‘We've had a near miss.’
See also: give, grief, someone

give somebody ˈgrief (about/over something)

(informal) be annoyed with somebody and criticize their behaviour: Stop giving me grief and let me finish this!
See also: give, grief, somebody
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We got ticketed midday in a very quiet street,while we were unloading food for a funeral wake at a local pub, wife was in car while I took the food in, there was no traffic or obstruction to anyone yet female traffic warden gave us grief and a ticket, yet few yards away on the other side were cars double parked in middle of road outside a garage.
Now we're back to square one and the security guards and managers gave us grief, except for this one extraordinary gentleman, the hero, the legend, who flew us through security and all the hassle with it and helped us arrive at our stand at A9.
Coats were used as goalposts - but spoilsports gave us grief.
Not tonight or tomorrow, it's one of the seven or eight kinds of self-abuse: the body a standoff-- midnight and beer is when I think of her, as almonds and Asiago, clementines and wine spread out on the floor of her apartment, no chairs, just pillows and talk of the men we loved who gave us grief.
And I used to hate the old busy-bodies who gave us grief.