give (someone) (one's) word

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give (someone) (one's) word

To make a serious promise, assurance, or vow (to someone). I give you my word that I will do everything in my power to have this matter resolved by next week. You gave your word that you'd be there, so don't even think about backing out now.
See also: give, word

give somebody your ˈword (that...)


have somebody’s ˈword (that...)

promise somebody/be promised (that...): I give you my word that I’ll pay you tomorrow.I’ve got his word that he’ll fix the car by the weekend.
See also: give, somebody, word
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Friday was a jittery day, with allied paratroopers and others at first standing on alert to enter Kosovo to block the Russians, but then backing off as senior Russian officials gave their word that their troops would not move into Kosovo.
Davutoglu also said Kosovar officials gave their words that new biometric passports would be printed in Turkish.