give (one) the heave-ho

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give (one) the heave-ho

To dismiss or reject one. "Heave-ho" refers to the literal lifting and tossing of an object; in this sense, it is used metaphorically. I can't believe the boss gave me the heave-ho after five years on the job! A: "Did you hear that Liz broke up with Dan?" B: "Wow, I never expected her to give him the heave-ho!"
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heave-ho, give the

See also: give

give something/someone the heave-ho


give something/someone the old heave-ho

If you give something or someone the heave-ho or the old heave-ho, you get rid of them. The band members decided to give their drummer the heave-ho. Harry gave his girlfriend the old heave-ho and moved in with the Texan. Note: You can also say that someone or something gets the heave-ho or gets the old heave-ho. There was a 40 per cent drop in film production, with a lot of high profile projects getting the heave-ho.
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give (or get) the heave-ho

expel (or be expelled) from an institution, association, or contest. informal
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give somebody the (old) heave-ˈho

(informal) dismiss somebody from their job; end a relationship with somebody: ‘Are Julie and Mike still together?’ ‘Oh no, she gave him the old heave-ho a couple of months ago.’ Heave-ho was originally the cry of sailors when pulling up the anchor.
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I am told that Ed, 22, and the former Mrs Bieber, 20, did have a few "moments" but she gave him the heave-ho - presumably because he isn't as sad as her ex.
De la Rua says that he continued to manage Shakira's business even after they broke up in 2010, until she gave him the heave-ho a year later.
Xisco was signed by the bunch who interfered with Keegan's job, but Joe gave him the heave-ho at Goodison Park.
Little Ted, however, still harbors dreams of getting back with Vinni, who gave him the heave-ho a while ago, and persuades Mr.
But the country and your party gave him the heave-ho before he got round to doing anything.