give (someone) the elbow

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give (someone) the elbow

1. To spurn, jilt, or reject someone, especially a lover or romantic interest. Jonathan has had a broken heart ever since David gave him the elbow.
2. To summarily dismiss or oust someone from employment; to fire someone. Management promptly gave the new accountant the elbow after his miscalculation cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. They'll give me the elbow if they ever find out I came into work drunk yesterday.
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give someone the elbow

reject or dismiss someone. informal
The image is of nudging someone aside in a rough or contemptuous manner.
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give somebody the ˈelbow

(British English, informal) tell somebody that you no longer want to have a relationship with them: I hear she’s finally given her boyfriend the elbow.
See also: elbow, give, somebody
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When Bristol Rovers gave him the elbow early doors Pulis (above) came to Darren's rescue getting him into Tony's home town club Newport County.
She briefly went out with One Direction heart-throb HARRY STYLES last year but it was rumoured bosses at her modelling agency, Storm, weren't bowled over by that and Cara gave him the elbow.
A source said: "Jessie has worked with Karl for a long time but she decided it's time for a change and she gave him the elbow.
In a glittering ten-year playing career at Molineux after Ron Saunders gave him the elbow at The Hawthorns, two goals stand out.
However, soon after their return she gave him the elbow in an emotional phone call after fretting about his close relationships with female friends.
The smitten housemate, who has shared snogs with the blonde twin, hid his head in his hands after she gave him the elbow.
He said he had noticed that Peter would turn to Alex Best when Jordan - real name Katie Price - gave him the elbow.
His last lover gave him the elbow for his funny habit.
For when the editor appeared at the door, the Sugar Club bouncers gave him the elbow because of his lack of invite.
Ryder Cup captain Mark James gave him the elbow and there was a lot to like about the way he scrambled for a level-par 71 on a day of unusually high scoring for Crans.
He was said to be down in the dumps when she gave him the elbow after only a month.
Leslie, 39, emotionally called Abi after law graduate ANGELA STEWART gave him the elbow amid claims of kinky sex demands.
Geena gave him the elbow and he couldn't hide his disappointment.
The Irish singer and the 22-year-old Kitten had a two-month romance - a decade in the showbiz world - before Liz gave him the elbow and got back together with ex-boyfriend Lee Ryan only a week later.
JAMIE'S unconvincing heartbreak - played out over nauseous backing music - as the soap's plainest teenager gave him the elbow.