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(as) gaudy as a butterfly

Very colorful. I wasn't planning on wearing a dress with such a bold pattern—I don't want to look as gaudy as a butterfly.
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*gaudy as a butterfly

fancy; colorful. (*Also: as ~.) Marie looked as gaudy as a butterfly in her new dress. Michael's scarf is gaudy as a butterfly.
See also: butterfly, gaudy
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Just in case the dore-bronze example isn't quite gaudy enough for your taste, Red Baron also offered a cylindrical exhibit case in green malachite and gilded bronze with winged lions for a pedestal, gilded garlands all about, and a winged eagle on the top.
Everything in China today is louder and more gaudy than ever before," notes one western banker who spent part of his childhood in that nation.
Scenes of Anna (Maria Abashova), her staid, doting husband Karenin (Albert Galichanin), and her dashing lover, Vronsky (Yuri Smekalov), who wrestle their emotions and each other, alternate with elegant, rowdy, or gaudy ensemble sections, like the opening party where Anna meets Vronsky amidst a swirling sea of waltzing couples.
But in Liverpool, they're a gaudy vivid purple hue, So that it's almost impossible to hide them from view, Looking like something sent from outer space, To offend and annoy the human race.
Zinnias, while not edible, are too gaudy and happy looking to exclude from the garden and they make good cut flowers and are easy to grow.
It comes to no surprise that CVA tackles a number of heady issues, including America's (and Yemin's as well) body-consciousness and obsessiveness, how classism and racism are perpetuated in schools, the mis-distribution of financial resources away from those who really need them, and macro over-consumption of resources (and not just the gaudy highly conspicuous kind) that currently drives out planet's extinction, all in about 20 minutes.
Achebe's style, fresh, clear and free of gaudy adornment, is a rebuke of the labored, torturous prose that is, sadly, the trend in much academic writing today.
When you read this, at stores and the streets fronting them will be flaunting gaudy Christmas coloration.
NEW YORK "Pretty Woman," which tends to rack up gaudy Nielsen ratings every time it runs on a broadcast network or in TV syndication, scored even bigger on cable when it showed up on TBS on Oct.
And the convenience of it all makes up for most of the razzmatazz: Living outside Cincinnati, we're a good two hours from the nearest legal casinos, a group of gaudy river boats dotting the Indiana bank of the Ohio River.
On another day, "A gentle chill wind is taking away the cherry blossom after its gaudy flaunting and many of the daffodils are beginning to look like crumpled up tax demands.
Parents Will and Melissa Merritt were stunned when they were told their children's two-storey house was too large and gaudy for their posh estate.
We have our festivals and fairs -- noisy, gaudy, lively.
Gaudy Welsh china will again be on display, having proved to be quite a draw for some visitors.