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(as) gaudy as a butterfly

Very colorful. I wasn't planning on wearing a dress with such a bold pattern—I don't want to look as gaudy as a butterfly.
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*gaudy as a butterfly

fancy; colorful. (*Also: as ~.) Marie looked as gaudy as a butterfly in her new dress. Michael's scarf is gaudy as a butterfly.
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Wayne Hemingway and Carol Smilie reminisce about gaudy baubles and other bad-taste Christmas decorations, and Lauren Laverne remembers school Christmas discos, last-dance snogs and the decadence that was taking favourite toys and games into school on the last day of term.
How about the gaudy, ostentatious palace...a president's residence, perhaps?
From painted lampstands, cabinets, and screens to needlepoint upholstery, carpets, and dresses, a Brave New World of distilled beauty was to replace the philistine taste for gaudy, manufactured goods.
The pop-ness of Valley was its inexorable momentum on the best-seller lists, and the unembarrassed campiness of its author's gaudy, Pucci-clad personal appearances.
Politics professor Jonathan Tongue said: "There is a category within the party who prefer the urban sophistication of Manchester to the gaudy delights of Blackpool."
Fetal but smothered in gruesome feminine accoutrements, she's all big hair, gaudy pearls, and cosmetic overkill.
I feel that, at the present moment in this country, I am on a magical mystery tour" Labour veteran Barry Sheerman explains his gaudy neckwear to fellow MPs "Like much of our establishment, our universities are too male, pale and stale and do not represent the communities that they serve or modern Britain" Shadow education secretary Angela Rayner
DPA MANILA FOR almost 70 years, the smoke-belching, gaudy public utility vehicle known as the jeepney has moved people and cargo across the Philippines.
Chris Tiu didn't put up gaudy stats in his first two games but he was still instrumental in Rain or Shine's 2-0 start in the 2018 PBA Commissioner's Cup.
BOY MEETS GIRL BBC2, 9.30pm Judy's birthday has arrived and preparations are under way for the not-very-surprise party, although Pam is not too happy at the gaudy makeover of her home.
YESTERDAY'S AY'S A SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Ego trip 9 Overt 10 Sikhs 11 Outcast 12 Opt 13 Balmoral 16 Consomme 17 Ion 19 Predict 21 Brace 22 Trice 23 Couplet DOWN: 1 Session 2 Cockatoo 3 Arcs 4 Footnote 5 Beta 6 State 8 Problematic 13 Bassinet 14 Amicable 15 Insects 18 Spots 20 Erie 21 Blue QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Scotch broth 8 Loo 9 Ref 11 Oarsman 12 Pearl 13 Ore 14 Pea 15 Soluble 17 Elm 19Walk 21 Raft 23 Bred 25Wisp 27 Dig 29 Element 31 Dab 34 Flu 36 Trout 37 Low-paid 38 Him 39 Sly 40 Abnormality DOWN: 1 Soar 2 Core 3 Time off 4 Hang up 5 Repel 6 Trap 7 Here 8 Loose 10 Flank 16 Ewe 18Mrs 20 Add 22 Ape 24 Renewal 25Width 26 Emblem 28 Gaudy 30 Lotto 32 Aria 33 Bomb 34 Fast 35 Lily
Celebrity contestants lined up for later episodes in the series include actress Pam Ferris, Gaby Roslin, Louie Spence and Gemma Cairney, but in this opening edition DJ Edith Bowman transforms a gaudy Hawaiian shirt, Embarrassing Bodies medic Dr Dawn Harper, pictured, proves she can stitch up more than just cuts, and Coronation Street actress Wendi Peters tries to beat the clock to make a 1950s-style dress.
Gaudy Welsh china will again be on display having proved to be quite a draw for some visitors from the South Wales Valleys who had previously read about it in an earlier advertisement.
The Primrose Hill gang were out in force in their gaudy gear from the 90s as they hit The Box club.
Others, like the gaudy waistcoats Michael allegedly wore to put a little showbiz into his court appearances on charges of child abuse, are simply distasteful.