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(as) gaudy as a butterfly

Very colorful. I wasn't planning on wearing a dress with such a bold pattern—I don't want to look as gaudy as a butterfly.
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*gaudy as a butterfly

fancy; colorful. (*Also: as ~.) Marie looked as gaudy as a butterfly in her new dress. Michael's scarf is gaudy as a butterfly.
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Untitled #945S-01 (Chinese Landscape), 1992-2001, a formidable wall encasing a veiled statuette and covered with wax-soaked tassels, provided a creepy specter of preservation, while the campy Untitled #989S-01 (Miss Scarlet), 1999-2000, ranked as the gaudiest of the group: a crush of beads, candles, bows, and leaves coated with the ubiquitous white wax.
But despite all of the New York reading materials in the Monroe household, "nobody read anything in them beyond the gaudiest headlines" (p.
Gaudiest of the quartet is the painted bunting, a favorite backyard feeder bird in the Sunbelt states.
The face of the dreary structures that they have been creating recall icing on decadent cakes, or patterns found on the soles of some of the gaudiest plastic shoes available in the bazaar.
You've spent a ton of your country's money to host the biggest, gaudiest Olympic Games ever, and you want them to prove that your white countrymen are the world's master race.
You could have the gaudiest home in the state, and leave the earth better off!
Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck may get most of the general media-attention, but the real revolution in the new Las Vegas isn't destination dining; it's the change from give-away booze in the gaming rooms to high-profile, top-quality beverage programs that sell the best, the gaudiest and the wildest to a very thirsty customer base, many of whom believe that price is no object.
The fly is the gaudiest, ugliest concoction imaginable--stripped at speed through the overstocked pools--that scores.
Then there is a Clown in glittering yellows and a fanciful Pierrot, both of which show Picasso's facility in capturing attitudes, while a brilliant, clamorous Quatorze Julliet combines the exaggerated movement and intensity of the popular festival in the gaudiest of colors."
Almodovar has made a thoroughly heartfelt melodrama, one that revels in color and hyperbole not only for their own sake but also because they're garments that shield a human need so abashed that it dares show itself only in the gaudiest disguise (as the heroine might put it).
America's unprecedented gambling boom has created grand illusions worthy of the gaudiest and most grandiose Las Vegas casino.
Japan now consumes more electricity than any nation except America; its cities, neon-lit to the sky, are by far the brightest, the gaudiest. That, in fact, is why he fears the westernization of Japan.
An American named Richard Pennoyer bought St Donat's in 1922 but its gaudiest days were yet to come.
Who earns the gaudiest paycheck, who has the most pimped-out trailer on any given movie set, who can get a director fired for "creative differences."
Those look like the good o1' days, in part because the genre that traditionally delivered the gaudiest syndicated payoff, the situation comedy, has fallen out of favor.