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(as) gaudy as a butterfly

Very colorful. I wasn't planning on wearing a dress with such a bold pattern—I don't want to look as gaudy as a butterfly.
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*gaudy as a butterfly

fancy; colorful. (*Also: as ~.) Marie looked as gaudy as a butterfly in her new dress. Michael's scarf is gaudy as a butterfly.
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With a hundred fat rich men working overtime to start another war or another six wars for the sake of their personal profit, it is very hard for me to write of Gaudier with the lavender tones of dispassionate reminiscence.
Swarovski crystals may sound like a means of powering transport in Star Trek but the lead glass crystals are every gadget-maker's dream when they want to make something glamorous - if your definition of glamour is gaudier than Girls Aloud dressed in tinfoil.
I felt privileged to work with him and Eva Neurath on several books, including one on the English sculptor Gaudier Bzreska.
Gaudier, USN, (Gold Star in lieu of Second Award), Fuels Division Quality Assurance Supervisor, Regional Supply Office Oceana, Va., May 2003 to February 2006.
After Gaudier's death in World War I, Pound reprinted both of these 1915 essays in key positions in his 1916 volume, Gaudier-Brzeska: A Memoir, the text upon which this essay focuses.
Diz walked back to the rack, pulled out a gaudier redcolored stick and took his place at the plate.
"At the high end, the bigger, the gaudier, the uglier, the better.
The Innovations catalogue is a funny little publication, full of those quirky, out-of-theordinary items which few people would admit to having bought - a bit like its larger and gaudier top shelf comrades.
Jonathan Trowell's small Study of a Jockey captures the breed perfectly, but has to compete with a neighbouring pair of gaudier abstracts by Chris Bruce, Two from Home and From a Long Way Back, both appealing given the right colour wallpaper.
Of the available recordings, the 1992 re lease on Hyperion of the Gaudier Ensemble (CDA 66513) offers the best ensemble playing.
While the gaudier aspects of the tourism industry seem to have overpowered the traditions of Shaolin Temple, the bona fides of its modern-day monks are also suspect.
LOYD GROSSMAN TV presenter and English Heritage commissioner Loyd Grossman's favourite Walker exhibit is the bust of Alfred Wolmark, by Henri Gaudier Brzeska:
One night I went to Carnegie Hall Cinema to see 'Savage Messiah,' a Ken Russell movie about the stone sculptor Henri Gaudier Brzeska.
As Bogey noted, "The cheaper the crook, the gaudier the patter." Though much of the lingo in Heist is a God-given gaudy gift, too much of it is labored, not up to the Mamet standard.
Replacing Camus's elegant stylization with a gaudier mise-en-scene, Diegues's movie is slightly silly in places.