gather (a)round (someone or something)

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gather (a)round (someone or something)

1. To convene or assemble around a particular person or thing. All of the kids eagerly gathered around Santa Claus. Come on, fellas, gather round the campfire!
2. To cause people to convene or assemble around oneself or a particular person or thing. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "gather" and "(a)round." Santa Claus gathered all of the children around himself to hand out gifts. Please gather everyone around the campfire.
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gather someone or something around (oneself)

to collect people or things around oneself; to draw someone or something to oneself. He gathered a lot of arty people around himself. She liked to gather exotic plants around herself. Grandpa gathered all the kids around and read them a story.
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gather around someone or something

to collect around someone or something. Let's all gather around her and hear her out. Please gather around the table for dinner.
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gather around

or gather round
1. To come to some place and form a group; assemble at: The cowboys gathered round the campfire.
2. To cause some people or things to come to a place; bring some people or things together around a place: We gathered the tour group around the exhibit and began our talk.
See also: around, gather
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With Mike Oliver already having been enlisted as international scout for Levein (left), he is gathering round him people he knows.
At the same time, he has to start from scratch, perhaps putting together his own staff and gathering round him players of his choice which may take some time," Ferguson said.
"The emphasis was on gathering round and providing support for Stephen's parents and family.
We pick up the story with the marooned survivors gathering round the mysterious jungle hatch which Jack (Matthew Fox) and Locke (Terry O'Quinn) blew open at the end of the last series.
It was a success, with children from secondary school parties gathering round to see rappers such as Caernarfon's MC Seizmundo, Porthmadog's Mr Phormula and Asian hip-hop artist Skorpio.
SIR: Edward Robbins (AR November 2002, p20) rightly castigates the architectural profession for gathering round the corpse of the World Trade Center like hyenas, and the uncritical assumptions made about the necessity of rebuilding.
Since 1983, the fictional "Oxo family" has featured in dozens of mini- dramas, which always ended with Mum, Dad and the kids gathering round the dinner table to enjoy a meal made with the famous stock cube.
So instead of gathering round a cheery fire, my family struggles to hear the telly over the roaring of the magpies, complete with the occasional shower of sticks, or something far worse, falling into the hearth.
``We had big crowds of people gathering round to watch and Cheshire did us proud.''
Gathering round the computer to see the draw live via the internet doesn't seem to have quite the same ring, so there we were on Monday gathered round the `Back Page' stereo (ooh!) awaiting our fate.